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List od Pana Derricka Lee skierowany do członków SPB

List od Pana Derricka Lee skierowany do członków SPB:
Thank you very much for the arrangement for me to meet your committee members and some suppliers, particularly Pernod Ricard.   It was a meanful meeting especially with Mr Cesar Giron with good outcome, especially his vision for lower rank’s staff upgrading starting with Singapore.

Your committee members were also very enthusiastic and committed to the promotion of bartenders. Most travelled between  300 and 500km to Warsaw for the competition and meeting with me.   I am very pleaseiba_logod with the drive that your association displayed.   Also, the morale and enthusiasm displayed by the bartenders which I undertand they also travelled many hundreds km to compete in the competition.  This display of enthusiam in a young association (admitted to IBA in 1994), deserve credit from the IBA.  And the best form of giving this recognition is for me to award the scholarship to the 2007 Elite Bartender Course to one of your deserving members during my speech.   This scholarship comes with an economy airtcket to and fro Singapore and Warsaw and tuition fee.  

I hope this will encourage a young growing economy of bar business to excel to greater height.  The best bet in sapping this pie is to have a trained workforce, and I do wish that more initiatives could be awarded to bartenders in the near future.

Once again, thank you and congratulations for a successful competition.

With warm regards,
Derrick Lee